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Puppy Training 101: A Guide for New Dog Owners in Dubai

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Congratulations on the addition of your newest member to the family—a happy, fluffy dog with a wagging tail and limitless potential! Brisk puppies are attractive and fascinating to us. Enticing facial expression, beautiful body structure, very quiet but sprightly in nature, all are heart feeling features of puppies. Rearing a puppy at your home is another level of enjoyment to reducing your stress and strain and provide a better companionship and take you to a joyful journey of life. Nevertheless, everything has its own difficulties. Do not be alarmed, my dear reader; this guide will serve as your road map through the exciting world of puppy training. We can help at every stage, from fundamental commands to toilet training. If we train them properly, they will treat us with a World of Wonders. Together, let’s go on this adventure to bring your new pet’s full potential to life!

 Puppy Training 101,
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Puppy Training 101

Chapter 1: Establishing the Groundwork for Success

It’s crucial to prepare your home for your new puppy’s success before getting down to the details of training. As we already stated, some are quiet, some are sprightly in nature, loyal, intelligent etc. so, training must be in accordance with these features. First of all, you must have a basic knowledge of the features of the particular breed you intend to rear. Everything from puppy-proofing your space to setting up a dedicated potty location will be covered in this chapter. You’ll create the conditions for future training sessions to go more smoothly by laying the proper foundation.

Chapter2: Potty Training 101: Bid a Fond Farewell to Mishaps

Ahh, the terrible potty-training phase – a rite of passage for all new dog owners. Don’t worry, we’ll go over the fundamentals of toilet training, such as train the puppies to use the intended place outside the cage for toilet purpose. Appreciate them every time when they use the fixed place. This will be an encouragement for them for adopting toilet rules. In this chapter we can discuss more about potty training.

Chapter 3: Fundamental Instructions: Sit, Stay, and Respond When Called

It’s essential to establish a solid foundation of fundamental commands for you and your puppy to communicate effectively. We’ll go into teaching basic instructions like sit, stay, come when called, and more in this chapter. Your puppy will learn to follow instructions like a pro in no time if you are patient, consistent, and give him lots of rewards.

Chapter 4:  Reward of Excellence: A Part of Training

A reward for your puppy like patting or gently rubbing under his jaw, clapping etc and giving favourite snacks after his performance is also a part of the training. In this chapter we can discuss about some rewards for your puppy. It will make them to do the task with great interest.

Chapter 5: Socialization Techniques: Creating Friends and Increasing Self-Assurance

Raising a canine friend who is confident and well-adjusted requires socialization. Puppies are always excited to new surroundings. But all puppies are not the same. Some of them are aggressive. So, they will react wildly to new situations and people. Discover how to safely and positively introduce your puppy to new situations, people, animals, and surroundings. You may aid in your puppy’s development into a sociable and well-mannered adult dog by exposing them to a variety of stimuli from an early age.

Chapter 6: Solving Problems – Snipping, Chewing, and More

Puppies have their own set of peculiarities and difficulties, such as biting, chewing, barking, and digging. This chapter will confront typical behavioural issues head-on and offer workable answers. You’ll get over whatever challenges you face if you have the appropriate tactics and a healthy dose of perseverance.   

Chapter 7: Maintaining Training Success Requires Consistency

Practice makes perfect, as they say. In this last chapter, we’ll stress the value of training consistency and offer advice on how to keep your puppy’s newly acquired skills for the long run. Recall that training is a lifetime endeavour, and you and your dog may succeed together if you are committed and persistent.


Now that you have the information and resources in this extensive guide, you’re ready to take on the gratifying process of training a puppy. If puppies are trained to mingle with all categories of people at younger stage itself, they will be amicable to even to neighbouring children. Remember one thing, the character and behaviour of each and every puppy will be determined in accordance with the growing situation. Try to select intelligent, clever and loyal companion puppies. Now go forth, my dear reader, and let your new dog reach its full potential. Together, you have the world to explore! 

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