pet training in hot climate Keeping Your Pet in the Summer Heat in dubai

Keeping Your Pet in the Summer Heat in Dubai


Make sure your pets are safe and comfortable when the temperature rises in Dubai. It’s imperative to keep your pet cool during the summer months to avoid heatstroke and hyperthermia. Here are some summertime pet care suggestions to help you and your animal companions stay cool.

Keeping Your Pet in the Summer Heat

How to Keep Pets Cool in Hot Weather

Hydration for Pets

    Staying hydrated is one of the most crucial summertime pet care advices. As always, make cool, fresh water available. To keep their water bowl colder for longer, you can fill it with ice cubes. Collapsible bowls and portable water bottles are great choices for on-the-go use.

    Shade for Pets

    Make sure your pets have access to lots of shade when they are outside. To give them a cool place to retreat from the sun, use trees, umbrellas, or pet tents made specifically for this purpose. Make sure your patio or yard has some shaded spots at home.

    Cooling Mats for Pets

    Pet cooling mats are an excellent purchase for hot days. Your pet can rest on these mats, which offer a cool surface that helps control body temperature. To keep your pets, cool, you can also use damp bandanas or cooling jackets.

    Beat the Heat with Your Pets

    Pet Swimming Pools

      Since many animals love the water, having a pet swimming pool can be an enjoyable and useful way to keep them cool. To protect your pet from harm, always keep an eye on them near water. A basic hose or sprinkler can also aid in your pet’s cooling down if there isn’t access to a pool.

      Frozen Treats for Dogs

      Dogs can enjoyably cool snacks to help them stay cool in the summer. Homemade frozen dog treats can be made with pet-safe ingredients including fruit, yogurt, and peanut butter. For a cool snack, pour the mixture into ice cube trays and freeze.

      Wet Bandanas for Cats

      Given the cats frequently detest water, cooling them down can be more difficult. A damp cloth or bandana may be useful. Just lightly wrap it around your cat’s neck after dampening it with cool water. They won’t become distressed by this and their body temperature will drop.

      Preventing Heatstroke in Pets

      Signs of Pet Overheating

        It’s critical to identify the symptoms of pet hyperthermia. Lethargy, drooling, intense panting, and in more extreme situations, vomiting or collapse are some of the symptoms. If your pet exhibits any of these symptoms, transfer them right away to a cool spot and provide water. If the symptoms don’t go away, call your vet.

        Air Conditioning for Pets

        Give your pets access to the cool rooms in your air-conditioned home, especially during the hottest times of the day. In the absence of air conditioning, utilize fans to generate airflow and maintain a cooler atmosphere.

        Travelling with Pets in Hot Weather

        Never leave your pet in a parked car when travelling in hot weather. Temperatures inside a car can quickly turn fatal, even with the windows cracked. Make travel arrangements that will guarantee your pet is never left alone in a car.

        Additional Tips for Summer Pet Care

        Early Morning Walks

          When the temperature is cooler, schedule your outdoor activities for early in the morning or late at night. Your pet can benefit from early walks to avoid the hottest part of the day. Short walks and gentle play are preferable to intense activity.

          Brushing Pets in Summer

          Frequent brushing lowers the chance of overheating and helps get rid of extra fur. In the heat, brushing your pet can also help catch any skin problems early. Double-coated breeds, on the other hand, should not be shaved because their fur insulates against both cold and heat.

          Sunscreen for Pets

          Sunburn can occur in pets with thin fur or light-coloured noses. Before going outside, cover sensitive spots like noses and ears with pet-safe sunscreen.

          Safe Outdoor Activities for Pets

          Select outdoor pursuit that are safe and don’t require strenuous activity. Your pet can be engaged without running the risk of overheating with gentle walks, games in the shade, or interactive toys.

          Leaving Pets in Cars Dangers

          Never, even for a little period of time, leave your pet in a parked automobile. Rapid temperature rise in a parked car might cause heatstroke or even death.


          You can make sure that keeping your pet cool throughout the summer is doable and efficient by paying attention to their needs and using the advice in this article. Safely enjoy the bright days with your cherished animal friend!

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