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It can be difficult and challenging to find a trustworthy and reliable pet sitter in Dubai. With so many such choices in Dubai, pet owners may feel overwhelmed in choosing the best option. Here comes the perfect pet sitting business in Dubai, Paws and Whiskers. With the help of this extensive guide, discover everything there is to know about the pet sitting industry and why Paws and Whiskers is the greatest pet sitter in Dubai. See why we are the best pet sitter in the city by using our top-grade services and current special offers.

Why Choose Paws and Whiskers?

Excellent Services for Pet Sitting

Paws and Whiskers assures plenty of services to fulfil the needs of every pet. How happy and healthy your pets are in your home. Likewise, we provide in-home pet sitting in Dubai to your pets while you are away from home. This service ensures minimal disruption to your pet’s daily routine, thereby reducing stress and anxiety.

Skilled and Compassionate Sitters

Our crew includes experienced pet sitters with compassion to animals. Whether your need is Dubai cat sitting or Dubai dog sitting, our team is always adept at providing the finest care for your pet that you could ever imagine. Every sitter goes through a thorough screening procedure to make sure they are dependable and trustworthy.

Competitive Rates

We understand the importance of affordability. Because of this, our services for Dubai pet sitting provide fair and competitive rates and offer great value. We guarantee the best service without any hidden costs and will not exceed your budget.

Wholesome Pet Care

More than just pet sitting, Paws and Whiskers provide a wide range of pet care in Dubai. with our comprehensive services like pet walking, feeding, and administering medication, your pet gets the best care possible.

Our Services

Dubai Pet Sitting at Home

Worry not, if being stay away from home is making anxious for your pet, our in-home service will make them comfortable to remain in their own surroundings. Oue pet sitter will come to your home and provide your pet happy and healthy atmosphere and make its content.

Dubai Dog Sitting and Cat Sitting

Our pet care services in Dubai include dog sitting and cat sitting for all kinds of pets, be it a rambunctious canine or a comfy feline. Our sitters have handled a variety of breeds and temperaments, so you can be sure your pet will receive individual attention.

Dubai Pet Boarding

We offer pet boarding in Dubai for pet owners who would rather have their animals remain in a reputable establishment. With all the comforts your pet requires, our boarding facilities guarantee a relaxing and pleasurable stay.

Dependable and Credible Sitters

Finding a reliable and affordable pet sitter in Dubai is not an easy task. We take great satisfaction in our honest and loyal sitters. We can guarantee that our pet sitters are insured and bonded. So, you can feel safe and comfortable with our services.

Holiday and Last-minute Pet Sitting

Sometimes you need immediate pet sitting. When you find a pet sitting centre at the last minute you feel insecure about their services. But we can guarantee that our last-minute pet sitting service will never cause any trouble to your pet and will be safe in our credible pet sitters.

Overnight Pet Sitting Dubai

We provide overnight pet sitting for animals that require 24/7 care. Our sitters will spend the night with your pet, providing comfort and companionship.

Walking and Feeding Pets

A balanced diet and proper exercise are always a part of better health. It will help keep your pet healthy. Our pet sitters ensure that your pet gets the right amount of food and exercise according to their schedule. 

Medication Administration

If your pet needs medication, our trained sitter will administer it according to the veterinarian’s instructions. This service protects the health and medical needs of your pet.

Current Deals and Savings

At Paws and Whiskers, we think that giving our customers value is important. For this reason, we frequently provide pet sitting discounts in Dubai. View our most recent promotions:

  1. Summertime Pet Sitting Offers: During the summer, take advantage of discounts of up to 20% on all pet sitting services. While you’re enjoying your summer vacation, make sure your pet is taken care of.
  2. Savings on Extended Reservations: If you hire us for a longer duration, you will be eligible for great discounts. Ideal for owners of pets that travel a lot.
  3. Holiday Specials: Take advantage of discounted prices throughout the holidays. Enjoy your holiday trip without stress, knowing that your pet is in capable hands.

Neighbourhood We Serve

Paws and Whiskers is pleased to provide its services to a number of Dubai communities. Our sitters are available to give your dogs the best care possible whether you are in Downtown Dubai, Jumeirah, Dubai Marina, or any other location.

Tips for Choosing the Right Pet Sitter

Seek Out Experience

When selecting a pet sitter, experience matters. You can be confident your pets are receiving the best care possible because our sitters at Paws and Whiskers have years of experience with a wide range of pets.

Examine Reviews

Checking testimonials and experience from other pet owners helps determine the Caliber of service and care they received. The positive comments you receive is the result of the quality of our services and our sincere dedication to work.

Make sure They Have Bonds and Insurance

You can feel secure and comfortable if the pet sitter is a bonded and insured one. This requirement is met by all of the sitters at Paws and Whiskers, so you can rest assured that your pets are in safe hands.

Think About Your Pet’s Needs

Every pet is unique, and so are their needs. At paws and whiskers, our sitters are equipped to handle all of your pet’s needs, including any nutritional or pharmaceutical requirements.


Choosing the best pet sitting service in Dubai is crucial for the health of your pet. Paws and Whiskers is the best pet sitter in Dubai since it offers comprehensive services, experienced sitters, and reasonable rates. If you need help with dog sitting in Dubai, in-home pet sitting, or any other pet care need, we can help. Go to our website, Paws and Whiskers, to learn more and to book our services right now.

Our goal at Paws and Whiskers is to provide your pet with the best care possible. Nothing less is acceptable for your pet. Contact us right now for the greatest pet sitting services available in Dubai!

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